GTA V: FiveM Free Hack – Aimbot, ESP, Godmode, Money, Anti AFK, Infinite Ammo

A powerful and multifunctional cheat for the game GTA V: FiveM is available on our website for free for our users. Use this cheat to activate the functions of Aimbot, ESP, Godmode, Anti AFK, Infinite Ammo and many others. If you want to raise your game rating in the FiveM game faster, then use this free cheat. There are many different functions, convenient management through the hack menu, support for all operating systems and constant updates from the developer.

FiveM Free Hack

Have you just started playing FiveM and it’s hard for you to raise your game rating? This cheat on GTA Online FiveM will help you achieve the desired goals. Thanks to the functionality, you can do a lot. For example, using the NoClip function or God Mode, you can move around the map through textures and much more. The ESP function will highlight other players through the walls, and using the Aimbot and Infinite Ammo function you will be able to shoot perfectly accurately and your ammo will never run out.

Increase weapon change multiplier

Instant bullet hit

Teleport to cordinates

Teleport to waypoint

Vehicle Spawner

Lock / Unlock closest door to vehicle

Change vehicles stats

Spawn vehicle by a name (custom vehicles)

Troll options spawn objects on players, set them on fire etc.

Dump resources lua files

Server event execution so you can give yourself money etc.

How to use FiveM cheat:

  1. You need to download the cheat from our website
  2. Download any working injector that will support the Sea of Thieves game
  3. Make a cheat injection into the game
  4. Enjoy 馃檪
  5. The menu opens with the [F4] key

Free Download GTA V: FiveM Free Hack – Aimbot, ESP, Godmode, Money, Anti AFK, Infinite Ammo

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.