ExLoader – unified library of game modifications [FREE. CS:GO, GTA 5, Minecraft, TF2, CS1.6, . ]

Question: Why don’t i see a confirmation letter on my email account?
— Just check the spam folder, it could be there!

Question: Is it possible to inject my own dlls?
— Yes, go to the main menu, click “My collection” and add your modification with a plus card. You can change injection method and modification’s menu open button in ExLoader settings.

Question: Can i change application’s style?
— Of course. You can change theme, brightness, colors and background image in application’s settings.

Question: Is the app safe? What about modifications?
— Application is safe, it’s checked for virus absence by moderators of similar forums. You can also check modification’s virus absence status on modification’s page. Pay attention to the flag icon next to its name.

Question: Do you have VAC Bypass?
— You can find in on the left side of modification’s launch button. But be carefull, it does not protect your account for 100%!

Question: What should i do if game crashes on modification’s launch?
— There is a gear icon next to the modification’s launch button. Click on it, select “Modification does not work, help” and the in-built assistant will help you. You can also open this assistant from modification’s launch screen.

Question: Is it possible to share my configuration for some modification with other users or install already set-up config?
— Yes, you can do it with ConfigHub page. Go to modification’s launch screen, press the gear button and then click “Install configs for this modification”.

Question: Do you have a section with personal modifications’s statistics?
— Of course, click the three-dot button at the application’s tabbar and go to the “Personal statistics” section, all your statistics is displayed there.

Question: Will i be banned for playing on community servers?
— If you use modifications which have the “Unhook/Unload/Uninject” function (almost all modifications in ExLoader have this feature), then you can turn off the modification, go to the “Public servers checks” section (the three-dot button at the application’s tabbar) and clear all modifications/application traces from your system to pass any check from the administration using the “Delete ExLoader” button.

#1 – Download the installer and launch it:

#2 – Click “Instant installation” to install ExLoader without setting-up any installation options, or “Configure manually” to control every option manually and wait for the installer to download ExLoader:

#4 – Click launch application button (if you selected “Launch ExLoader after installation” option)

#1 – Enter your email address and click “next step”

#2 – Go to your mail account and open confirmation letter(check spam folder if you can not find it), click “confirm”

#3 – Go back to the application and click ‘start’

#4 – ExLoader is ready to use! Now you can launch any modification, change menu styling(colors, theme, background image) in settings and do whatever you want

Free Download ExLoader – unified library of game modifications [FREE. CS:GO, GTA 5, Minecraft, TF2, CS1.6, . ]

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.