Among Us Hack – Imposter Role, Kill Cooldown, Speed Multiplier

  • Updated: 21.09.20
  • Current version: 21/09/2020
  • Another cool free cheat on Among Us which is controlled by an additional utility Cheat Engine. This cheat includes a small number of features in its functionality, but thanks to these features, you will be able to lead on game servers. There are three functions here: Imposter Role, Kill Cooldown, Speed Multiplier. You won’t get banned for these features, the game will be fast and clear. Use this free solution now as long as it works and performs all its functions.

    So, pretty straight forward!

    1. Download Cheat Engine
    2. Attach Cheat Engine onto Among Us.exe
    3. Drag n’ drop cheat table into Cheat Engine
    4. Join a game & enjoy

    For newest update (2020.9.9) use this code and save it as a .CT extension

        17 "Imposter Role" Byte 
    28 34 0 5C
    22 "IsDead" Byte
    29 34 0 5C
    4 "Kill Cooldown" Float
    44 0 5C
    10 "Speed Multiplier" Float
    14 14 5C
    Join game with Imposter. Scan cooldown kill with Float -> have Address -> Find all point to address like: ((("GameAssembly.dll" + ?) + 5C) + 0) + 44 -> Easy to get ? value -> Imposter role is same ? value! (((("GameAssembly.dll" + ?) + 5C) + 0) + 34) + 28 

    – Imposter Role (set value to 1 in Cheat Engine, only works as host).
    – Kill Cooldown (set value to desired kill cooldown).
    – Speed Multiplier (set value to desired speed).

    Beginner that doesn’t know how Cheat Engine works please refer to this tutorial:

    Free Download Among Us Hack – Imposter Role, Kill Cooldown, Speed Multiplier

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.