• Updated: 04.01.21
  • Current version: 04.02.2020
  • New up-to-date and free cheat XP BOT FARMER on the popular online game Valorat. Previously, we have already posted a similar cheat and it was popular, now you can download exactly the same working cheat on VALORANT from the developer toldo. This is not even a cheat, but a script with which you can quickly raise XP in the game Valorant.

    How much XP can I raise?
    Small, but effective. For example, for one game to death will give you 900 experience in about 9 minutes (not counting research for the game), you will get about 5400 experience. But if you leave the game overnight, you can earn 32,400 xp in 6 hours.

    Probability of getting banned?
    The developer tested this script for three days on his second account and did not get banned.
    According to the developer, if you play Deathmatch, no one will report you if you have 0 kills, and for this reason, % ban is literally impossible. But be careful, the game has a powerful anti-cheat!

    The developer monitors this hack and after the next update of the game, the script will be updated.

    How to use:
    1 – Install the program in the folder “macro recorder install”, you will need a license key i leave one in the txt it should work
    2 – After installing the program launch “XP BOT FARMER.mcr” and minimize it
    3 – Open valorant, in ENGLISH or it will not work, make it WINDOWED WITH BORDERS
    4 – In valorant bind the FORWARD command to LEFT CLICK (so if the bot clicks, the player will go forward)
    5 – Prepare valorant in play screen with deathmatch activated, IMPORTANT ONLY USE DEATHMATCH
    6 – Open the minimized program and click PLAY, the program will start in 5 seconds (remember to leave the game open under the program and not minimized)
    7 – After the 5 second the program will click on the game so it will be focused, and after that if you follow all the steps it should work

    Free Download VALORANT / XP BOT FARMER

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.