R6 Cheat Table Steel Wave

Disable BattleEye before using it this! You can disable BE by adding the following line to Properties -> Game launch arguments (or similar) in Uplay or Steam:
To disable BattlEye if you have the game on Uplay: Games -> Rainbow Six Siege -> Properties -> Game launch arguments, and add the command.
To disable BattlEye if you have the game on Steam: Library -> Games -> Right click on Rainbow Six Siege -> Properties -> Set launch options, and add the command.


You need Cheat Engine to open this file: https://cheatengine.org.
No, you can’t use this for online matches (ranked, casual, etc.)
You can only use this for lone wolf terrorist hunt, situations & local custom games.
You can play local custom matches with your friends using Hamachi/Radmin VPN.
You will not get banned if you disable BattlEye.
Without disabling BattlEye this cheat table doesn’t work.

Player/Gun FOV
Change recoil
Bullet spread
Bullets per shot
Movement speed
Infinite gadgets
And some other stuff

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.