MelonLoader > ESP | Fullbright Mode | Basic informations | Active Missions

A large number of functions and convenient operation. For example, you can find here such functionality as: ESP a function with which you will see all players through the walls on the map, a function about basic information about the Ghost (Ghost name / type / state, reacts to), Fullbright Mode, Your own sanity, Add / remove experience / money and many other functions.

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– Simple Box ESP
– Bone/OuijaBoard/FuseBox ESP
– Fullbright Mode
– Basic Ghost Informations (Ghost Name/Type/State, responds to)
– Revealed Evidence
– Own Sanity
– Active and completed Missions
– Console Window for Logging (From Melonloader)
– Ghost actions: Hunt/Idle/Appear/Disappear/Interact
– Add/Remove XP/Money
– Close+Lock/Open+Unlock Exit/All doors
– Change player name

Up Arrow = ESP
Down Arrow = Fullbright
Left Arrow = Information Box
Insert = GUI
Delete = Enable debug output
H = Force ghost to hunt
I = Force ghost to interact with Door/Book/Objects
O = Force ghost to appear
P = Force ghost to stop hunting / appearing
L = Lock all exit doors
U = Unlock all exit doors

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.