Paladins – AUTO Shoot, TriggerBot

Paladins - AUTO Shoot, TriggerBot

Current working cheat for the game Paladins AUTO Shoot, TriggerBot. The cheat works in matches, which gives you the opportunity to show your game skill to other players using the hack on Paladins. This hack contains in its functionality only two important functions for a successful game, the TriggerBot function with which you will always accurately hit enemies, and the AUTO Shoot function will complement the TriggerBot function and make your shooting accurate and automatic. At the moment, you will not get a ban for this hack, the cheat can be used in competitive matches.

Setup Instructions

V1 Goto Game Options -> Gameplay and set:

V1 Enable Recticle type dot

V1 Enable recticle change over target

V1/V2 Start the script – click start and choose resolution

Script Functions

Help – Help you on how to use the autoshoot.

Extras – Shows you on how to use mouse cord and color.

Start – Brings up to choose between resolutions(More can be added upon request)

Script Shortkeys

F1- Show Mouse Location

F2 – Shows color hex from current mouse position

F5 – Ends the Script

F9 – Bring up Script window again

Free Download Paladins – AUTO Shoot, TriggerBot

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.