Beardope Injector – (Vac Bypass) [CS:GO, GTA V & many other games]

Why should I choose Beardope?

  • Good DLL Management, easy to choose and inject the DLLs you want
  • Great game/process selection, use filters to easily find the app you want
  • See and manage injected DLLs with View Modules function
  • Powerful DLL Scrambling, makes DLL detection difficult in simple anti-cheats
  • Excellent LdrpLoadDll Injection API (planning to add more options)
  • Vac Bypass to avoid Steam VAC bans


  • Auto updater to stay tuned for news
  • DLL ejector (in tests)
  • LdrpLoaDll API
  • Steam VAC Bypass
  • Useful functions
  • Log recorder
  • Auto preference saver to speed up your life 馃檪

How to use

  • Turn off any antivirus on your computer
  • E xtract downloaded .rar to an folder (Beardope creates subfolders and files in the run directory) ‘Pass is: 123’
  • Run Beardope.exe
  • Add DLLs you want in the Injection tab
  • Choose the desired Game/Process in the Process tab
  • Change injection options in Anti Detection and Settings tab (Optional)
  • Run Steam Vac Bypass in Settings tab (Optional)
  • Inject with Inject , Inject selected or Inject (Right Click) button in Injection tab
  • Have fun 馃檪

Note: Beardope only supports injections in compatible Platforms (ex: 64 bit game/process with 64 bit DLL)

Questions? Ask in the comments.

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.