Yammi Cristalix B3 (crack)

  • Updated: 20.02.21
  • Current version: 20/02/2021
  • To your attention, an up-to-date and working cheat on Minecraft for servers built on the basis of Cristalix. This is a unique cheat with many different features that will make your game much easier and more fun. Using this cheat, you can force all players to leave the server thanks to the active rage features.

    This is a crack version and it is possible that some features will not work, and there may also be problems during the launch of the hack. For example, the menu may not be displayed, etc. At the moment, there is no solution to this problem.

    1. Download the cheat from our website
    2. To fully log in to the server Cristalix
    3. Unpack the dll from the archive and inject it with any injector in java.exe Cristalix
    (Run injectors as an administrator)
    4. The menu opens on RSHIFT

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.