Roulette Hack GTA V Online [v1.59]

An excellent casino roulette cheat script for the game GTA V Online with which you can adjust the number of your bets and the number of your points, thereby you will constantly win and earn in the game GTA 5 Online simply and quickly! At the moment, this is the safest way to earn money in the game GTA V Online for which you will not get a ban and will not arouse suspicion from the developers.

Roulette Hack GTA V Online [v1.57]

Free Roulette Hack GTA 5 Online

To use it:

1. it requires cheat engine

2. Launch gta5ol, go to casino and find the roulette get start it

3. (example) First, set the point to sixteen and lock it. second, betting ten of your bets to the red sixteen. in final, change your bets amount in cheat engine to number “55555”(maximum value) after you saw you bet actually reduce from you account, and it’s done;

each time you take a bet, you’ll get about 1999980$ in the Roulette. it require some speed to edit yout bets manully , so you could set hotkey to make it easiler, or game speed

Read before using it:

1. Due to the table was created based on EGS, which mean it not work for the steam store

2. Basic Rule: win twice and lose once

3. Use the roulette in invite only session for yourself. and If the roulette was occupied by npc player, Please return to story mode and relogin to online mode


Update v1.59

Updated and added Steam version support for this table. Works with all launcher versions (Social Club/Epic/Steam)

Free Download Roulette Hack GTA V Online [v1.59]

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.