APEX-NB Free Apex Legends Hack – Aimbot, ESP, SkinChanger

I found a free Chinese hack for Apex Legends called APEX-NB online. This is a cool free cheat with lots of features like Aimbot, ESP, SkinChanger. I can’t promise that you won’t get banned as there is always a chance to get banned in Apex Legends, so use it at your own risk .

Free Apex Legends Hack

I liked the Aimbot feature with excellent enemy hitting, as well as the ESP feature to see players through textures on the map, additionally there is a working SkinChanger.

How to use Apex Legends Free Hack:

  1. Download and unpack the archive with the cheat.
  2. Go to the game settings and select graphics options: borderless windowed mode, save and exit the game
  3. Run both files as administrator «NB.exe»;
  4. Following «破解补丁.vmp.exe»;
  5. click big button then double click aim icon now aim icon drag to where login fields are then click authorizations button
  6. It remains to start the game

Free Download APEX-NB Free Apex Legends Hack – Aimbot, ESP, SkinChanger

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.