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  • Updated: 03.05.21
  • Current version: 02/05/2021
  • I am glad to bring to your attention another free open source hack for the game Apex Legends. This is a universal cheat Project Branthium from the developer waxxyTF2. Using this source code, you can easily create your own cheat for the game Apex, in which you can independently edit functions, fix bugs, add additional functionality and much more.

    I recommend you build this with Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.
    The menu key is INSERT.
    Build in Release x64.
    You will need WDK to build the driver.
    Use kdmapper to load the driver.
    For the overlay to work properly you must be in windowed/borderless windowed.
    Detection status is unknown, be cautious and be aware that Apex DOES HWID ban.
    Raging/going blatant is almost a guaranteed ban, I recommend low fov and 8 – 10 smoothing.
    There seems to be an issue where some users can’t use the cheat (can’t get base address or insta crash), either this is CPU related or you’re on an older version of Windows 10. (A fix is yet to be found, be patient.)

    1- Install all “Windows 10 SDK (” and Visual Studio
    2- ] Install WDK
    3- ] Download Branthium Project from github or click download button
    4- ] Open Solution file “Project Branthium.sln”
    5-A ] On top where you see “Local Windows Debugger” you can see 2 select box before it
    – Set them on “Release” “x64” (it’s solving compile errors)
    5-B ] Disable “Spectre Mitigation” for driver ” This is How “
    6- ] Press Ctrl+SHIFT+B and wait for the success message
    7- ] Compile kdmapper like step 4-6
    8- ] Copy kdmapper.exe from” kdmapper-master\x64\Release” to “Project-Branthium-main\build”
    9- ] Run cmd as admin and cd to build dir
    10- ] Enter “kdmapper.exe driver.sys”
    11- ] Run usermode.exe
    12- ] Open Apex and Done!

    Any questions? Ask in the comments 馃檪
    If you have something that does not work, then we can share with you a ready-made hack.

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.