PUBG Lite No Recoil \ No Grass \ No Ballistic by Lafko

What is?
Removes all recoil from weapons;
Partially turns Off/On grass;
Completely turns Off/On grass/trees/some textures;
Disables ballistics and bullet speed (so far only for SKS);
Disables anti-cheat (this function is for experienced).

How to use:
Extract the archive into the game folder on the way PUBGLite with a replacement Launcher.exe, LauncherView.dll and Samples64.exe;
If you have Windows 7 then in the settings file Samples64 select the Run with administrative rights
Go to your account via “PUBG LITE” or “Launcher.exe” (run as administrator);
Press START -> Start the game and the console;
Go to the game or in training -> pick up weapons and enter the number in the console corresponding to the selected weapon -> press Enter on the keyboard;
If you have written GOOD against the list of weapons so recoil was removed.

The weapon or function highlighted in red does not work.

ATTENTION. Recoil removes only in the current match! If you moved to the next game then scan should be started on new.
Also, do not forget that you need to scan only after picked up the weapon.

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The file has been deleted
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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.