PUBG Mobile Multihack Aimbot+Wallhack

  • Updated: 08.02.19
  • Current version: [08/02/2019]
  • Many users have asked for free and working cheats on PUBG Mobile and today we are pleased to provide you with this hack PUBG Mobile Multihack Aimbot+Wallhack. This cheat is very different from other PUBG Mobile hacks, firstly it is very easy to install and configure, and the hack contains in its functionality a very convenient menu with which you can configure any of the functions. Cheat is updated for each update of the game, and it is protected from anti-cheat, which allows you to play quietly and not be afraid that you will be blocked. The main functions are Wallhack (WH) and Aimbot. Everything is in your hands, instructions for running under the spoiler. Good luck!

    Run PUBG Mobile in the WINDOW, and then go into a training fight.
    Run a 32bit or 64bit cheat, depending on your system and wait for the cheat to load
    A message will appear asking you to fix the black screen, click Yes or no.
    The site opens with a captcha, put a tick “I’m not a robot” and click Here to continue
    On the next page, wait 7 seconds, click Get Link and the cheat will be activated!
    After activating the cheat, wait a little, that would cheat s 30-60 seconds.
    Then you can set up a cheat!

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.