PUBG PC Steam Hack Free – Aimbot, ESP

PUBG PC Steam Hack Free - Aimbot, ESP

A simple hack for PUBG PC Steam Version with Aimbot and ESP functions from the developer kuangbao3000. After activating the hack you will be able to shoot accurately using the Aimbot function, as well as see your opponents through the textures on the map using the ESP function. A simple but necessary cheat for every PABG player, you will know the location of your enemies and be ready to defend or attack in advance. At the moment the cheat is not detected by the anti-cheat, which will allow you to play without the game blocking Steam.

Functions PUBG Hack

Aimbot ( use at your own risk , there is a possibility of getting banned)

How to run the cheat on PUBG PC

step 1: run start.exe and press start button before you start the game

step 2: run yy.exe in the game match (do not run yy.exe in the lobby)

step 3: enjoy the game

pubg esp hack 2022


Current version:

Cheat only works on PC, Windows 10 operating system

Game display mode: window without fields

Free Download PUBG PC Steam Hack Free – Aimbot, ESP

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.