RaweTrip – Free CS:GO Software

Another free cheat RaweTrip for CSGO got into our hands, which we would like to place on this site. This cheat was built on the basis of the famous LEGENDWARE hack, the functionality was improved, the hack structure was completely changed, some problems were fixed and the cheat was in demand among other players.

RaweTrip - Free CS:GO Software

A lot of different functions, current and working settings, as well as constant updates from developers. Stay tuned on our website so as not to miss the latest version of the hack.


Where are the configs stored?

  • All icons are not displayed, what should I do?

It is enough to install fonts from the archive attached with the dll

  • Where can I download the config from?

The developer’s config is attached in the archive

It is advisable to use a resolution of 1920×1080, there may be problems with the interface

RaweTrip Menu

New Update November 13, 2022:

– hotkeys from scripts now visible in keybinds

– [api] added esp class

– [api] [esp] added push_flag(string: name, color: col, function: func)

– [api] [ui] added add_input(string: name)

– [api] [interfaces] added ieffects class

– [api] [utils] added mouse_rect(number: x, number: y, number: w, number: h)

– [api] [utils] added get_mouse_scroll()

Free Download RaweTrip – Free CS:GO Software

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.