gamesneeze – Basic Linux internal cheat

  • Updated: 12.04.21
  • Current version: 12/04/2021
  • A new CSGO cheat for the Linux platform has appeared on the network, which is available for free for everyone. Use this versatile cheat with lots of features on your favorite Linux system. The main functionality of this hack is the functions Chams, ESP, Radio fake ban/fake chat, Basic GDB injector. The menu is made in ImGui styles.

    This is an open source code with which you can change any settings for this hack, add functionality, improve protection, and much more.

    How to use
    Debian / Ubuntu / Pop OS / Linux Mint required packages:

    sudo apt install -y libsdl2-dev gcc-10 g++-10 gdb clang

    Arch / Manjaro required packages:

    sudo pacman -S base-devel git cmake gdb sdl2 git clang

    Fedora required packages:

    sudo dnf install gcc-g++ gdb SDL2-devel cmake git clang

    OpenSUSE required packages:

    sudo zypper install gcc gdb SDL2-devel cmake git llvm-clang llvm-gold
    git clone cd gamesneeze chmod +x ./ -p -u -b -l # pull, unload cheat if currently injected, build and then load, use -h for help

    Basic usage

    Argument Description
    -u (–unload) Unload the cheat from CS:GO if loaded
    -l (–load) Load/inject the cheat via gdb
    -ld (–load_debug) Load/inject the cheat and debug via gdb
    -b (–build) Build to the build/ dir
    -bd (–build_debug) Build to the build/ dir as debug
    -p (–pull) Update the cheat
    -h (–help) Show help

    All args are executed in the order they are written in, for example, “-u -b -l” would unload the cheat, build it, and then load it back into csgo.

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.