Aurevoir Battleye anti-cheat bypass

Battleye anti-cheat bypass

  • Updated: 09.11.20
  • Current version: 09/11/2020
  • Excellent cheat program with which you can bypass the anti-cheat Battleye. Yes, it is now possible and you can run the hacks you need in the most popular online games that are protected by the anti-cheat Battleye. Convenient and easy to run the program, at the moment it is invisible.


    Say aurevoir anti-cheat Battleye
    Thank you to the developer of Extasy Hosting for this program

    How to use:
    – Simply launch the game with Battleye disable
    – Inject with your favorite injector the Aurevoir.dll
    – Join your favorite server

    Things to note:
    – BEClient_x64.dll will still be injected by the game once you join a server. Which mean, script restriction is still present
    – Server connection may terminate after 15-20min (still enough for messing around)

    Battleye anti-cheat bypass was tested on the ARMA 3 game, everything works well.

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.